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Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by karlyn


A New Adventure

When I woke up this morning, I could barely walk in a straight line. Seriously. I’ve been sick for near a week, was on day three of a juice cleanse I’ve been doing with my co-workers (yes, that means I haven’t had solid food in three days), and just got a flu shot yesterday…while I was sick…possibly not my best decision making moment.

I came downstairs and checked my email. This is the first thing I saw:

Subject: 2014 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge – you’re on the team!

Greetings —

You’ve been accepted to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge (DFMC) team in the 2014 Boston Marathon!

The DFMC ’14 season promises to be the most memorable yet. It will be DFMC’s 25th running, and the first time you, your teammates, and your fellow Boston Marathon entrants will take to the acclaimed race course since last April.
By joining DFMC with one of Dana-Farber’s “invitational” race entries, you’re an essential member of the team’s fundraising roster as we strive to achieve our goal of $5.3 million for the Barr Program and an average of $8,400 per teammate. We are so grateful for your participation and all the time that you will put into it.

Watch your email for details about your DFMC ’14 registration call.

Thank you again for your dedication to Dana-Farber — and we really appreciate your patience during this especially busy team selection season!

~ The Dana-Farber Running Programs staff

I read that email and sat in shock for a few moments. About a month ago, I applied to be on the Dana-Farber Marathon team, never thinking there was a chance that I would make it. I’ve dreamt about running the Boston Marathon for more than a decade, but as a very proud slow runner, I knew I would never qualify. But this year, of all years, I knew I had to try to apply through a charity, and Dana-Farber was the one I chose to pursue. But I NEVER thought I would get accepted onto the team. I can only imagine that the competition this year was as stiff as it’s ever been and I’m truly humbled by this opportunity.

When the shock subsided, the terror began. I’ve run a marathon before, so I know I can do the distance…but training is HARD and I’m working more hours than I was when I did it the first time. I had to do a fundraising plan during the application process, so I know that the numbers I proposed reasonable….but it’s a lot of money! What if, this time, I’ve actually bitten off more than I can chew?

As I started to share the news with a few friends and co-workers, my fear subsided. My friends encouraged me and made me realize that I could totally do this. My favorite comment came from Robin:


I literally printed it out and hung it on my wall for good measure.

Now the hard part begins. I need to raise at least $4,000 for Dana-Farber (though I have my sites set higher!) and ramp from running 5Ks to 26.2 in 6 months. Both are doable, but I’ll need your help. If you’re interested in supporting me, please follow me on Twitter, Like the Facebook page or join the mailing list. I’ll be posting more information with fundraising opportunities when I have my fundraising page set up. And there will be prizes. Yes prizes! I’ve got lots of awesome planned.

I’ll be documenting all of my training and experiences over the next six months here, and hope that you will all share in this wonderful, exciting, and terrifying adventure with me!

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I'm a non-runner (i.e. a proudly slow runner) training to run the world's most famous marathon. This will be my third marathon, and second Boston Marathon in a row. I will be running as a part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team and will be raising money for the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Follow my journey by joining my mailing list, following me on Twitter or on Facebook.

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