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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by karlyn


Somebody pinch me…please?

So all day yesterday, I was seriously waiting for an email from Dana-Farber saying “Sorry, you got that last email by mistake! You didn’t really make our marathon team. Our bad.”

Instead, I woke up to this:

Subject line: Karlyn Borysenko, welcome to the 2014 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team roster!


Greetings, Karlyn –

It’s truly a pleasure to welcome you to the DFMC team for the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014, with an invitational entry from Dana-Farber. Your enthusiastic commitment to DFMC, the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are vital to the DFMC team’s efforts.

Victor and I

Victor and I at mile 26 at the 2013 Boston Marathon

So, it’s real. I may still be in a bit of shock that in 6 short months, I’ll be running the race that I’ve absolutely revered for so long. Last year, I was so excited to take my husband to his first Boston marathon. We got there early and staked out a spot right near the mile 26 sign and were there for a good bit of the day. We had started walking around and were about a block and a half away when the bombs went off. I talked to my mother that night, and she commented that what happened was terrible but that she felt extra horrible because this is one of the few events that I get really excited about and now it had been ruined. I’m one of those people that will sit and watch marathons for hours anytime they are actually broadcast on TV. We had actually set our DVR to record the marathon just so I could watch it when we got home. I don’t get excited about baseball or basketball or football or hockey…or even things like track and field. This and professional cycling are the sports I like to watch. And Boston, of course, has always been the ultimate.

Our BAA 10K Finisher Medal

My mother was wrong about one thing – what happened last year didn’t ruin the event or my feeling about it.  A few months later, my husband and I ran the BAA 10K together and I thought that would be my closure for the situation. I had an absolutely horrible race but the day was beautiful and the ceremony with the 2013 Marathon winner giving his medal back to the city was wonderful. And it was amazing to run through the streets of Boston. I can’t wait to do that again, though I’m sure I’ll feel a little different about it on the tail end of 26.2 than I did at the end of 6.2!

And for those of you wondering if my husband – the REAL runner in my family – is running, he’s not. He is afraid of the distance. When I told him I got picked yesterday, he said to himself “I’m so glad I didn’t sign up for that. Good decision, Vic.” But don’t be too quick to judge – he’s currently training for a sub 20-minute 5K and pushing our treadmill to the very brink of it’s functionality :-)

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I'm a non-runner (i.e. a proudly slow runner) training to run the world's most famous marathon. This will be my third marathon, and second Boston Marathon in a row. I will be running as a part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team and will be raising money for the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Follow my journey by joining my mailing list, following me on Twitter or on Facebook.

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