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Published on October 26th, 2013 | by karlyn


Calf Problems

Back in February, after I finished my doctoral comps, I rewarded myself with a hot stone massage. The therapist said to me “you carry all your stress in your calves and I couldn’t get them to loosen up”. I didn’t think much of it at the time, because I wasn’t really working out with any sort of regularity. But soon after, I started pushing myself to get back into running shape and every single time I tried to do anything, I would have severe pain in my calves. Cardio fine. Bones fine. Joints fine. Calves….ungodly pain. I figured it was just because I was out of shape and eventually it would go away.

Well, it hasn’t. I took a few weeks off from working out and even then, I would feel constant tightness in my calves, like they were always contracting. Then, this morning I ran the Great Bay 5K and they had some sports medicine folks that were on hand to give free massages to runners. I had a good race – one of the better 5Ks I’ve had in a while – but it would have been better if not for this problem that forces me to stop and walk even when I’m fine on all other counts. Immediately, the therapist I saw said “it’s your Achilles – it needs to be stretched” and a few moments later, I felt a massage rush of relief go through my leg that can only be compared to KT tape on steroids.

So, I’ve made an appointment with them for a more thorough conversation and investigation this issue for early November. Here’s hoping it’s just as simple as more thorough stretching and warmups and a little bit of extra love.

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