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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by karlyn


Stretching. Who knew?

I’ve always warmed up, cooled down and have done a few stretches before exercise, but I never really gave stretching much credit. Sure, I had my basic routine of things that I would do but I always questioned whether or not they actually DID anything. Then, there was a series of articles, including this one, that came out earlier this year about all of this research that said that stretching not only did not prevent injury, it may actually be counter productive. So, I was ambivalent about the idea at best.

Until this week.

When I spoke to the sports medicine folks at the Great Bay 5K this past weekend, they basically told me that the problem was likely that I needed to stretch my achilles more. I was skeptical (after all, this was after just a few minutes at their booth) but came home, did some research, and found some stretches I could do specifically for the calf and achilles. This article and video from the New York Road Runners was particularly helpful. 

A few days of focusing on these types of stretches for about 20 minutes and I’m running without pain in my legs for the first time since June. I’m literally blown away at the difference. I want from being in more pain in my calves than I care to remember after less than a mile and being forced to walk to being able to run several miles without stopping with no pain just by stretching.

So stretching. I’m a believer.

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