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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by karlyn


What I’m Running For

When I started thinking about applying to run the Boston Marathon for charity, I knew that it was important that I have a personal connection to the cause. This wasn’t just to get a bib – it’s bigger than that. Cancer is something that has impacted my friends and my family, and so Dana-Farber was the only organization I submitted an application to.

Every cent I raise will go to benefit the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research, which funds the brightest, most creative scientists making research discoveries that are transforming cancer treatment. Here are just a few of the breakthroughs this funding has supported:

  • New Treatments for Brain Cancer: 23,000 people will develop brain cancer each year, and more than 13,000 will pass away annually. The Barr program funded research that led to the discovery of a new genetic pathway, resulting in a new clinical trials to treat this notorious difficult disease.
  • New Treatments for Breast Cancer: Funding has supported the development of new treatment plans resulting in a 33% improvement in survival for women whose breast cancer respond to estrogen, discoveries of new way to treat breast cancer with specific mutations, and optimizing treatment for early stage patients, sparing 65% of them from unnecessary chemotherapy treatments.
  • Development of New Drugs: Barr program funding has supported the development of drugs to treat drug-resistant forms of cancer, including lung and colon cancer, drugs that have increased the survival for patients with advanced lung cancer by 42% and increased survival for metastatic melanoma patients by 63%.

You can find more info about the impact of this critical funding on the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge website ยป

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About the Author

I'm a non-runner (i.e. a proudly slow runner) training to run the world's most famous marathon. This will be my third marathon, and second Boston Marathon in a row. I will be running as a part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team and will be raising money for the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Follow my journey by joining my mailing list, following me on Twitter or on Facebook.

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