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Published on November 1st, 2013 | by karlyn


Jewelry anyone?

In my copious spare time, I make jewelry¬†using freshwater pearls and gemstones. As an incentive for donations, I’m offering a variety of pendant necklaces as a reward for donations of $25 or more. Each necklace is made of real pearls or real gemstones on a 20 inch silver chain, and is limited to the amount shown. Here are the options to choose from. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to learn how to get your jewelry!

The Pearls

Pearl---White Pearl---Pink Pearl---Purple
White Pearl
Available: 39
Pink Pearl
Available: 35
Purple Pearl
Available: 26

The Gemstones

1---Amber 2---Howlite 3---Red-and-Grey
#1: Amber
Available: 9
#2: White with Grey
Available: 7
#3: Red and Grey
Available: 1
4---Lime-Green 5---Dark-Green-and-Black 6---Light-Green-and-Black
#4: Lime Green
Available: 9
#5: Dark Green and Grey
Available: 4
#6: Yellow Green with Black
Available: 6
7---Red-Sparkle 8---Red-and-Black 9---Beige
#7: Sparkle Red
Available: 2
#8: Bright Red and Black
Available: 1
#9: Tan
Available: 5
10---Green-and-Red 11---Light-Green
#10: Green with Red
Available: 4
#11: Sea Green
Available: 4
#12: Green with White
Available: 21
13---White-Quartz 14---Caramel 15---Turquoise
#13: White Quartz
Available: 8
#14: Caramel
Available: 7
#15: Turquoise
Available: 4


Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a $25 donation or more through the website
  2. Forward your confirmation email to karlyn@karlynruns.org with the piece that you would like and the address that you would like me to send it to.

If you want to donate by check instead of through the website, please contact me at karlyn@karlynruns.org.

The rules:

  • One piece of jewelry per person.
  • Every pearl and gemstone is different and may vary slightly from the photo.
  • If you’ve already donated more than $25 and have not claimed another incentive, you can take advantage of this – just follow step 2 above.


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