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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by karlyn



If you’ve been paying attention to my training ramblings at all, then you know I’ve been struggling with a nagging problem with my calves. I started seeing a chiropractor out in Portsmouth and was seeing some improvement, but I wasn’t sure if the improvement was coming from the treatment or just because I was paying more attention to stretching. Plus, the drive out to Portsmouth was a drag.

So I emailed my husband’s immigration lawyer, who also happens to be a hardcore runner, to see if he knew of any local doctors who were familiar with running. I’d been to a local chiropractor a few years ago around the time of my last half marathon, and really liked him, but he was not familiar with running and didn’t really understand why anyone would subject themselves to miles of pounding the pavement and for this particular endeavor, I wanted someone who understood runners specifically. Ron quickly emailed me back and recommended Dr. Steve Baroody at Artful Chiropractic in Manchester NH. ┬áThis was a few months back and, by this time, my calves had started to feel better. I had been running regularly and the pain had subsided. After our New Years Day 5K, which was one of the better 5Ks I’ve ever run, I was feeling confident that the problem had resolved itself. So I tucked this info away and just continued on with my training.

But then the long runs started. And the problem came back. A few weeks ago, I was just suppose to do a 6 mile “long” run, but after 4 miles I was in so much pain that I had to stop. I immediately made an appointment at Artful Chiropractic. I saw the doctor on Monday, the day after I ran 12 miles (but had to stop to stretch every few miles to keep my calves from tightening up). He quickly identified the culprit as my IT band. This did not come as a resounding shock to me, but I was more than a little annoyed at the Portsmouth chiropractor for missing this, even though I had brought up that I wanted to explore treatment beyond strapping stimulators on my calves for 10 minutes and calling it a day.

Anyway, the new chiropractor did a bunch of adjustments that didn’t feel like much at the time and gave me a really easy exercise to do at home. I went home that night and hopped on the treadmill out of curiosity, but didn’t really plan to run much. I ended up running 4 miles completely pain free. I could actually feel the increased circulation in my legs and it felt AWESOME. I could not believe the difference after just one visit. But would it last? I just did my second run since the visit and it felt just as good. My legs feel strong, which lets me focus on other parts of the run, like form and speed. I really just can’t describe how much relief this has brought me. I’ve been legitimately worried about completing the marathon over the last few weeks, but now I’m more confident than ever.

I’ll be seeing this new doctor twice a see for the next several weeks. Here’s hoping things just keep getting better and better.

10 days until Half at the Hamptons. 66 days until the marathon. I’ve totally got this.

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  1. JoAnn M says:

    So glad you finally got what you’ve been looking for and needed!!!

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