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Published on October 24th, 2014 | by karlyn


Thank you #heweb14!!! You raised $2,000 for Innovative Cancer Research.

I just returned from my annual trip to the HighEdWeb national conference, and it was the most memorable year yet. I could talk about the amazing people, beer, food, and presentations…but this year, my focus was really on the #heweb14 fundraising challenge.

I gave the 750 attendees in Portland a goal – raise $500 for Dana Farber and I will wear “Thank You #heweb14” on my marathon singlet. Raise $2,000, and I will get a HighEdWeb themed tattoo designed by the one, the only, Jeff Stevens. The community rose to the occasion – over the course of three days, they raised a touch over $2,100. 

This is so important – my goal this year has been to get off to a really great start early in the fundraising process. Here’s some comparison numbers for you:

  • Last year, I raised $5,100 for Dana Farber from the marathon. This year, I want to double that amount and hit $10,000. The marathon is on April 20, 2015, so there’s a touch less than 6 months to go.
  • Last year, I didn’t even start fundraising until October 29th. This year, I’m 25% of the way to my goal (and already at almost 50% of what I raised last year) by October 24th.
  • Last year, I had 90 donors total. This year, from the #heweb14 challenge alone, 40 people made gifts.
  • Last year, it took me until December to raise $2,100. This year, I’m way ahead of the game.
  • When I woke up on Wednesday (the last day of the conference), there was still a touch over $1,000 left to raise in the challenge. The #heweb14 community rallied and raised over $1,000 in less than a day. Incredible.

Most importantly, the money you gave does a world of good. Every single dime goes to the Barr Program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which funds innovative cancer research. That means that it directly funds the research that makes a real difference in the lives of real people who are fighting and surviving.

HighEdWeb is a conference, but it’s really more like a family. It is a community in every sense of the word, and near impossible to describe the camaraderie to anyone that has not experienced it for themselves. I am so grateful to every single person who participated, either by making a gift online, coming up and handing me cash, or by spreading the word and encouraging others.

And don’t worry – if you were at the conference (or even if you weren’t!) but didn’t get a chance to give, I’ll still take your money! Make your donation today »

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I'm a non-runner (i.e. a proudly slow runner) training to run the world's most famous marathon. This will be my third marathon, and second Boston Marathon in a row. I will be running as a part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team and will be raising money for the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Follow my journey by joining my mailing list, following me on Twitter or on Facebook.

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