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Published on October 27th, 2014 | by karlyn


Fitocracy! (Or Making Up for Lost Time)

There was a time, many moons ago, when I was in kick ass shape. And then life and such took over (I won’t bore you with the details) and now I am not. Even with the marathon last year, I ended up in better shape than I gave myself credit for but I simply did not have the type of training time I wanted to with my ridiculous commute. I made myself a deal after the last one that if I could lose the weight, I would do the marathon again…and I haven’t. In fact, I’ve gained (ugh!). I simply could not have predicted the ball of stress that my life would become almost immediately after the marathon from my horrible job. It’s not an excuse but when my life turns to hell, I eat a lot of food with cheese and drink a lot of beer. Comfort, it’s what’s for dinner.

But, thankfully, I found myself in a new job that does not require as much of a commute, does not fill my life with stress and angst, and has a free gym in the building. A few weeks prior to getting the official job offer, I said to my husband “If I get that job, I’m going to do the marathon again.” So here I am!

But I knew I also needed a plan to get into shape, for real this time. That’s why I’ve signed up for a group training class with one of the co-founders of Fitocracy for the next few months. I’m getting a custom diet and workout plan, and access to him and others in the very small class for support. I’m excited to get started and will be documenting the experience on here.

One of the first “assignments” was some reading about how to approach fitness, broken down my psychology and physiology. I thought I would share the wealth here, for your reading pleasure:


1. Fitness is A Skill

2. The Myth of Willpower and Eat Less, Move More 

3. Forget Self-Esteem… on the importance of self-compassion 

4. The Other Side of Strength (apologies in advance for all the veiny dudes)


1. Weight Loss 101… not everyone here is trying to lose weight per se, but this is a good refresher on calories

2. How to Count Your Macros


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I'm a non-runner (i.e. a proudly slow runner) training to run the world's most famous marathon. This will be my third marathon, and second Boston Marathon in a row. I will be running as a part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Team and will be raising money for the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research. Follow my journey by joining my mailing list, following me on Twitter or on Facebook.

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