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Today is my first full day back from vacation! Though I got my official nutrition and workout plan for my Fitocracy team training class on the day before I left, I knew it would really be impossible to implement right off the bat, being “stuck” on a cruise ship with an irregular schedule for shore excursions and all. So I talked to the coach beforehand and he gave me some tips on “cheating” for the week, just to try to maintain. Now that I’m back, I’m officially starting the diet portion of the program. It’s a little different than diets I’ve tried before and I’m excited to see if it works! Here’s the basic gist:

  • My eating window in 12 Noon – 10pm. That means I consume all of my food between those hours.
  • I’m tracking macros – fat, carbs, protein.
  • On regular carb days (5 days a week), my goal is 130g of protein, 65g of fat, 110g of carbs
  • On high carb days (2 days a week), my goal is 100g of protein, <=50g of fat, 225g of carbs
  • I can drink! Alcohol is counted at 10g of fat
  • Anything within that range is fair game.

Day one went far better than I expected. I was definitely hungry by noon, but it was a manageable hunger. My biggest worry was being able to get all that protein in, so I compensated by adding a protein shake mid-afternoon (and it was chocolate peanut butter and awesome). The biggest surprise was the carbs! As of this writing, I am nowhere near my goal and may just have to suck down a spoonful of sugar or something to hit it. Here’s the breakdown for the day:

Food Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Hard Boiled Egg 70 5 0 6
Creamer (in coffee) 70 3 10 0
Palak Paneer 440 34 16 18
Protein Shake 290 2 8 60
Almond Milk (with shake) 80 6 4 2
Garlic Chicken 276 6 0 54
Brussel Sprouts 45 0 7 1
Coconut Oil 65 7 0 0
Totals 1,336 63 45 141

It should be noted that I added calories to this, just because, but really the focus is on the macros – fat, carbs, proteins. So I was right on target for everything but carbs, which I’m way low on. Usually when I go way way low carb, I feel tired and sluggish, but I don’t today (at least, not at the moment). I did about a half hour workout with weights as a part of the training too, and didn’t feel the lack of carbs like I thought I would. I also certainly didn’t feel hungry at all after I started eating, so that’s good! So overall, I’m going to call today a success…and tomorrow I’ll try to eat some bread :-)

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