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Want to get some word of mouth buzz for your business? Donate a product, service, or gift card for me to put up for auction and here’s what you’ll get:

  • I will tweet about your business, including a website URL, at least twice a month until the marathon to approximately 3,000 Twitter followers. The earlier you donate, the more tweets you get!
  • On the day of the marathon, I will schedule tweets in advance to thank your business for their support while I am running the race, and include a link to your homepage.
  • I will thank your business on both my personal Facebook page, and the Karlyn Runs Facebook page, with a link to your website and a picture of the item you donated or your logo.
  • I will post your business’s logo on this website with a link back to your website.
  • I will actively promote your business, alongside your donated product or service, in the local NH community and online to drum up bids for the auction.

Interested? Get in touch with me at, or call 603-290-2545, to discuss what you’d like to donate!

Prefer to just make a cash donation? There are incentives for that too. Learn more »

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